Spun YouTube Playlist

Oh Christmas Tree-Mark Long”s Yuletide Jazz (2008)

Viva La Vida Drum Cover

Christmas Mash-Up for 2011 North Phoenix Baptist Church Pops Concert

Solo Duet with Dan Tomlinson

Jed’s A Millionaire YouTube Playlist

Synge YouTube Page


Drummer Talk 197-Spotlight (2013)

With Bart Elliott of Drummer Cafe at PASIC 2011

Peter Erskine Talking about the Manhasset Drummer Stand


Groove Analysis: Jeff “Tain Watts (Drum! Magazine)

Drum Aerobics Squared (Featured in Drum! Magazine)

Paradiddle Lesson

Week 19 of Morning Warm-Ups Blog-Bossa/Samba with Left-Foot Clave

Week 18 of Morning Warm-Ups Blog-We are Young by Fun.

Week 17 of Morning Warm-Ups Blog-Fast Single Bass Doubles

Week 16 of Morning Warm-Ups Blog: Triple Paradiddle Call and Response/Double Paradiddle Afro-Cuban 12/8

Week 15 of Morning Warm-Ups Blog: The Songo

Week 13 of Morning Warm-Ups Blog: Tenor Madness: Philly Joe Jones” Opening Head

Week 13: Morning Warm-Ups Blog: Tenor Madness-Comping Using Two Left Hands, One Right Foot

Week 12 of Morning Warm-Ups Blog: Tenor Madnees-Comping with Left Hand/Right Foot

Week 12 of Morning Warm-Ups Blog: Tenor Madness-Comping with Left Hand

Daily Drum Warm-Ups

Six Video Playlist


Two Video Playlist

Drum Aerobics Play-Alongs

Three for the Road (Jazz Waltz)

Alternate Energy

Alternate Energy Duet with Dan Tomlinson

Amanda”s Samba

Amanda”s Samba Duet with Dan Tomlinson

Back in the Day (Funk)

Bad Sushi (Techno)

Bahama Mama (Mambo)

Biscuits and Gravy (Country Train)

Choudahead (Rock)

Clam Chowder with Corn (Rock with room for fills)

First Dance (Country Waltz)

Gaia (Baiao)

George’s Tune (Up-tempo Jazz)

Hey Brooklyn (Cha-Cha)

Kizeland National March

Mojito Lite (Calypso)

Old Shoe (Blues/Jazz Shuffle)

Put Your Eye Out (Slow 12/8 Blues)

Post-Katrina (New Orleans 2nd Line)

Punk Funk (Punk)

Scattered Sun (Bossa Nova)

Seventh Wave (Reggae)

Songo Padre

This -n­­-That (Medium Jazz)

Turbulence at 36,000 Feet (Double Bass/Heavy Metal)

Y.B. Normal (5/4 Jazz)

Drumset for Preschoolers 

Let”s Play Together – The Name Game – Stick Clicking

Copy Cat

Soft to Loud – High to Low – Slow to Fast

Drumming with Your Feet – Groove to the Music

Play What You Sing

Count Drumula