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After 25 years of teaching drums, in January 2014 I took an Associate Editor position at Drum! Magazine in San Jose, CA, and put teaching private lessons on hold. After five months on the job, I was laid off due to cutbacks. Now I’m suddenly back to teaching lessons full-time and looking forward to year 27.

In-Person Lessons–I teach at The Rhythm Academy of San Jose. The rate for these lessons is $35/half hour.

Skype Lessons–To take Skype lessons, you’ll need a computer with a web cam and microphone and a Skype account. It helps if you have a strong internet connection.
The rate for these lessons is also $35/half hour. For scheduling and/or more information, please feel free to contact me.

Teaching Philosophy–I believe that everyone has the potential to be a good drummer, no matter your age or your level of natural talent or experience. All it takes is a combination of a self-motivated practice routine and the right kind of instruction. If you study with me, I will devise a multi-sensory learning plan, tailor-made to fit your learning style.

Here are some other points of interest related to my teaching practice:

“As a beginning adult, I find both the facility and my instructor (Andy Ziker) excellent. The Rhythm Academy of San Jose is easy to get to and has its own lot. Paul, the owner, has thoughtfully designed & furnished the place for comfort and learning.

They seem to have a good range of great instructors. Mine, Andy, is outstanding and grateful to have access to someone as experienced and great an instructor as he is. He has written a number of books and articles, is active in the drumming community, and is super passionate about it.”

Shawn S.


Just like private lessons, I devise clinics/workshops to fit your needs. Rates for clinics vary depending on factors such as location, expenses, length of clinic, etc.  The following shows examples of some of the types of clinics that I can perform as professional development opportunities for music teachers, visits to music classrooms, drum festivals, and music store clinics.

    1. Technique of Efficient Motion/Stroke Tap Instructions
    2. Jazz Drumming
    3. A Logical Approach to Sticking
    4. An Integrated Approach to Teaching Rhythm
    5. Drum Grooves from Around the World
    6. The Andy Ziker Jazz Quartet (performance followed by question and answer).
    7. Drumset for Preschoolers

“Andy Ziker has taught the Willis Jazz Band drummers consistently over the past several years, and I have found him to be a great benefit to our rhythm section. Not only has he worked with the percussionists, but also the large ensemble, giving great advice and constructive feed back. He offers an exciting approach to set playing with important and special insights about the role of the percussionist in within the ensemble. He helped the Willis Band through state-wide and international performances.”
John Studzinski,
Director of Bands, Willis Junior High, Chandler, Arizona

“I have worked with Andy extensively as both a performer and a clinician. He brings a generous spirit and tireless preparation to both endeavors. His energy immediately grabs the audience and his experience allows him to sustain that level of engagement from the audience throughout the presentation. Through his years as a classroom teacher,
professional player, and accomplished writer, he has developed a bag of tricks deep enough to handle any teaching situation.”

Dave Henning
Jazz Pianist/Composer/Educator

“Andy participated with me in several clinics for elementary school children. He has shown tremendous ability to capture the attention of the students allowing them to learn and participate. Not many performers have the ability to teach, but Andy certainly is a master teacher, clinician, as well as performer.”
Bart Salzman
Outreach Coordinator for Jazz in Arizona, Inc

“Andy is amazing with young children. His musical talent, skill and patience shows in the way he works with each child individually. He instills in them a passion for music and especially a love for drumming.”
Ronna Levy
Director of Early Childhood Education
Barness Family JCC

Session Work

I have 25 years of studio drumming experience, playing a multitude of genres. This experience and my ability to communicate musically allows me to zero in on the exact style of drumming that you want for your project. I also feel comfortable using my musical intuition and creativity to add my own personality to your music. Besides showing up in person for a studio date, I have access to a few local studios and can add drums and/or percussion through email, file sharing, or regular mail. Send me your file, and after we agree on a price, I’ll add my drum part and send it back to you.

“Andy is one of my top ‘go-to guys’ for all my studio projects. His musicality, creativity and talent shine through every track he plays.”
Robert J. Payne, music producer

“Andy is a wonderful asset in any recording situation. He is focused, always in the pocket, and very musical.”
John Herrera
Clamsville Productions

“As a bassist, the caliber of drummer you’re partnered with can be the difference between struggling to make something sound musical or being able to just relax and play. I am always happy to be involved in sessions and gigs with Andy Ziker, because it’s sure to be the latter. Andy always brings a great attitude along with his ridiculous arsenal of chops n’ grooves!”
John Willis
Studio Musician



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