• Here’s my Groove Analysis of Vintage Trouble’s Richard Danielson, which appears as part of his feature in the latest issue of DRUM! Magazine. Great accompanying video lesson by Nate Brown of OnlineDrummer.com.
• Thank you to Mikedolbear.com for their review of The Jazz Waltz (scroll down to the bottom).

• OnlineDrummer.com has released my latest e-book, Funk Up Your Ride.

• Check out my latest Drummer Cafe lesson called “Rolling Triplet Samba.”  Included are audio examples created by Bart Elliott.

• My new ebook through OnlineDrummer.com, Funk Up Your Snare,  is now available. It comes with video content (by Nate Brown) which clarifies the articulation key used in this method. Here is a video detailing how the book works.

• I’m pleased to announce the release of my third children’s book, People Really Do Trust Ziker.

• I have joined the Drummer Cafe education team as a “sous chef.” I will be helping DC develop a drumming/percussion website for youngsters, parents, and teachers called the Kids Menu. Look for it hopefully in Fall 2014.

• Geeze, that was short-lived. After five months at Drum! Magazine, I was laid off due to budget cutting. Luckily, I was immediately hired as a drum instructor by The Rhythm Academy of San Jose. I’ve also joined a rock cover band called Spun.

• I’m proud to announce the release of Ocean View, an album by Dave Ihlenfeld And The NuWrld Jazz Project

• I have joined the Enter Music staff as Drum! Magazine’s new associate editor. I start on Jan 13 and one of my first projects will be to report on 2014 NAMM.

• Here is the first page of three from my article published in the Jan/Feb issue of Percussive Notes Magazine. Make your 2014 especially funky!

Funk Up Your Hi-Hat - pg 1
Reprinted by permission of the Percussive Arts Society, Inc., 110 W. Washington Street, Suite A, Indianapolis, IN 46204; E-mail: percarts@pas.org; Web: www.pas.org

• My new book The Jazz Waltz has been nominated for a Drum! Magazine Drummies Award. Drum up the vote!

• Thank you to Bart Elliott of Drummer Cafe for his video review of the Manhasset Drummer Stand.

• Here is a digital version of my Drum! magazine article “15 Steps to Becoming a Creative Drummer.”

• Drummer Cafe has added a video review of Drumset for Preschoolers to the review page.

• My new book through Alfred Music, The Jazz Waltz, is now available.

• Here’s what Peter Erskine had to say about the Manhasset Drummer Stand at PASIC 2013.

• My new series of three booklets, Funk Up Your Hi-Hat, is now available on onlinedrummer.com.

• Check out my YouTube page for a number of recently uploaded videos.

• I’ve recently written a bunch of articles/lessons for onlinedrummer.com on a variety of topics.

Nice review of my new beginner’s book, Drumcraft. (Scroll to the bottom of the page.)

• Here’s a new warm-up article/lesson on OnlineDrummer.com using doubles and displaced doubles.

• Another new article, this one about buying your first drumset.

• Here’s a new article published on Drummer Cafe about how to pick out a pair of sticks.

• My past blog postings from OnlineDrummer.com are now being transformed into articles. Stand by for new content!

• Here’s a drum lesson that I wrote in honor of my longtime drum teacher, Billy “Stix” Nicks. Thanks Billy!

• Thank you to Bart Elliott of Drummer Cafe for his 5-cup review of Drumset for Preschoolers.

• Drumcraft is now available at most of the Guitar Centers across the country.

• The Manhasset Hi-Hat Drummer Stand is now available at Interstate Music and other sites.

• Thank you to iDrum magazine for their review of my new book, Drumcraft.

drumcraft screen shot idrum 1

• I am now an official endorser for an exciting new product by Fusion Drums called the Gig-a-Tul. Look for more news as it comes in!

Nobody Sounds Like You: Devan Plays the Drums is now on sale for $7.95.

• The Drummer Stand for the Hi-Hat (model #53DH) received a lot of positive attention at NAMM 2013. It will soon be available internationally.

• Kind comments such as this one about Daily Drum Warm-Ups really help provide the fuel to keep working!

• My new book, Drumcraft, is now available internationally.

• Nice customer review of Drumset for Preschoolers.

• Nice comments from Nate Brown of OnlineDrummer.com about Drum Aerobics:

“I know I called you to compliment you in person, but the book is so well written, explained and studied. I was so amazed I had to call. You put so much work into that, it really is a gem. I treasure my copy. An unstated goal of this site is to give drummers enough material to learn something new every day. Step outside of that comfort zone each day to challenge your limbs to something new. Drumming Aerobics achieves that.”

• Drum! Magazine recently published an article of mine called “Drum Aerobics Squared” in their November 2012 issue (the one with Tres Cool on the cover). This piece details a jump rope workout that I’ve done for many years. They also included the article on their website along with an accompanying video. Hope you enjoy!

• Good news from Manhasset corporate: the Drummer Stand is becoming more and more available internationally. A distributor in France just picked it up.

• Thank you to Rob Ferrell, professional drum teacher, for his customer review of Drumset for Preschoolers.

Nobody Sounds Like You: Devan Plays the Drums is now available as a paperback.

• My new illustrated children’s book, Nobody Sounds Like You: Devan Plays the Drums, is now available as an ebook on Kindle/amazon.com.

Here’s my latest OnlineDrummer.com blog posting about adding left-foot clave to bossas and sambas.

• Thank you to Bart Elliott of Drummer Cafe for publishing this article about the 10 Myths of Teaching Drums to Young Children.

Bay area drum teacher, Joe Salles, is now using Drumset for Preschoolers with his young students.

Absolute Music (located in the UK) is now carrying Drumset for Preschoolers.

• Here’s a promotional video that I made for Daily Drum Warm-Ups.

• Check out my latest blog posting/video clip on the drumming from We are Young by Fun.

• Thank you Modern Drummer magazine for this blurb about the Drummer Stand.

• “The Manhasset Drummer Stand is an elegant solution to an age-old drummer problem— floor space! By using the multi-angle clamp instead of a heavy traditional base, the drummer can not only set up his music stand at the best visual point for the gig, you also eliminate floor clutter and gain more space for your pedals and instruments. I’ll be using this a lot!”

Tommy Igoe

• I just received my author’s copy, so I suppose it’s safe to announce that the 2nd printing of Drum Aerobics is now available.

A few improvements/additions have been made:

1. Additional aerobic workouts for drummers.
2. Upgraded instructional tips.
3. Both CDs now come prepackaged with the Amazing Slow Downer. Example clips and play-alongs can now be looped, sped up, slowed down, and equalized.
4. A small ad on the back cover shows the front cover of the spin-off book, Daily Drum Warm-Ups.

• Milano Music in Mesa, AZ is now carrying the Drummer Stand. If you would like to see it in your local music shop, please request it!

• Thank you to Josh Gottry and Percussive Notes magazine for their review of Drumset for Preschoolers.

• Thank you to Virtual Drummer School, an international web-school based in Spain, for featuring Drum Aerobics this week.

• Thank you to the AZ Republic/azcentral.com for this Spotlight piece.

• Check out Jim Keating’s twist on a play-along from Drum Aerobics. Very creative!

• Aric Stack of Phoenix Music Lessons will soon be using Drumset for Preschoolers with his young students and carrying the book in his new shop in North Phoenix. If you’re looking for lessons in the Phoenix area, click on this link.

I’ve added video content to Weeks 12 and 13 of my OnlineDrummer.com blog.

My latest OnlineDrummer.com Morning Warm-Ups blog posting, “Fast Single Bass Doubles,” is now available.

• Thank you David Jolley and MusicianWages.com for their mention of the Manhasset Drummer Stand.

• Thank you to Dan Brigstock of DrumScore.com and OnlineDrummer.com for recommending Daily Drum Warm-Ups and Drum Aerobics on his website.

Drum Aerobics has nearly sold out of its first printing and is about to be rerun. Thank you to all of those who are responsible for this.

The Drummer Stand is available at Cascio Interstate Music.

• Discover John Riley’s reaction to the Drummer Stand.

• Find out about what Peter Erskine has to say about the Drummer Stand.

• I’ve created a dedicated Manhasset Drummer Stand Facebook page. Here you can find photos, videos, testimonials, functionality, reviews.

• The Manhasset Drummer Stand now appears on the Manhasset Website:

• Thank you to Ludwig-Musser Drums and Percussion for mentioning Drumset for Preschoolers on their Facebook page and website.

• Many music across the US and Europe and now carrying Drumset for Preschoolers and more are jumping into the fray every day:  Linton-Milano Music in Mesa, AZ, Alan’s Music in San Diego, The Drum Pad in Chicago, Georgetown Music in Seattle, Revival Drum Shop in Portland, The Magic Flute in San Rafael, CA, Pro Drum Shop in Hollywood, CA, JW Pepper, Pender’s Music Company, Stanton’s Sheet Music, Sheet Music Plus, Jamey Aebersold, Southern Percussion (UK), Nailsea Music Shop (UK), Music Exchange (UK), Mega Music (Spain), and Musik Hug (Germany).

• I’ve added the following YouTube clip to my Songo lesson on OnlineDrummer.com.

• Check out my new blog on Drummer Cafe. I’ll be adding small morsels of lessons, notation, video clips, and commentary from time to time. Let me know what you think!

• Thank you to MikeDolbear.com for their review of Drumset for Preschoolers.

• Thank you to Jamey Aebersold for including Drumset for Preschoolers in their Jazz News.

• Here is one of my private drum students, Haley Montoya, performing a Drum Aerobics play-along with live musicians at the Pita Jungle Jazz Jam Session.

Week 16 of my Morning Warm-Ups blog on OnlineDrummer.com, Triple Paradiddle Call and Response/Double Paradiddle Afro-Cuban 12/8 is now available. I’ve also begun to add supplemental video content to the blog.

• Thank you to Alan Schechner, drummer, author, teacher, and inventor, for his review of Daily Drum Warm-Ups.

• Thank you to the a music store in San Rafael, CA, called The Magic Flute, for including Drumset for Preschoolers in their window display along with a mini-drumset.

My latest onlinedrummer.com blogpost called “The Songo” is now available to read.

• Thank you to iDrum Interactive Magazine for publishing this press release about The Drummer Stand.

• The Drummer Stand by Manhasset is now available through Cascio Interstate Music. Here is the link.

• The back cover of Drumset for Preschoolers. I am fortunate to have attained the testimonials from such a great list of people and to have the book connected to the esteemed Pro Drum Shop.

• New promotional flier for Drumset for Preschoolers by Try Publishing.

The free video companion to Drumset for Preschoolers is now available on YouTube.

• Here are the expanded lyrics to Old MacDonald Had Some Drums from my new book, Drumset for Preschoolers.

New article about homemade mute pads published on Drummer Cafe.

• Here is a press release from Drummer Cafe about my new book, Drumset for Preschoolers.

• Thank you to Modern Drummer Magazine for publishing Mike Haid’s review of Drum Aerobics on their website.

• Thank you to Music Dispatch for including Daily Drum Warm-Ups on their 2011 holiday catalog.

• Thank you to Drum! Magazine for publishing this blurb on my invention (and new Manhasset product), The Drummer Stand.

My latest blog posting on onlinedrummer.com: part one of the story of John Riley’s clinic at 2011 PASIC.

• Here is an interview that I did with Bart Elliott of Drummer Cafe while at PASIC. Thank you Bart!

• Thank you to MikeDolbear.com for publishing this press release on The Drummer Stand.

• Here is the flier about The Drummer Stand.

• A double thank-you to Modern Drummer Magazine for publishing this note in their Reader’s Forum.

• My OnlineDrummer.com blog has switched over to a forum thread to provide easier interactivity.

• Bart Elliott updated his review of Daily Drum Warm-Ups to reflect having received a replacement CD from Hal Leonard, resolving a defective disc issue. Thanks Bart!

• Here is Week 6 from my onlinedrummer.com blog.

• Thank you to MikeDolbear.com for this review of Drum Aerobics.

• Thank you to the Drummer Cafe website for this review of Daily Drum Warm-Ups.

• Here is the 3rd installment of my onlinedrummer.com blog.

• Here is my 2nd blog post on onlinedrummer.com.

• Thank you to International Musician for publishing this blurb about Drum Aerobics.

• OnlineDrummer.com asked me to create a blog called Morning Warm-Ups, based on my Hal Leonard book, Daily Drum Warm-Ups. Here is the first posting.

• Here is the review of Drum Aerobics in the Sept 2011 issue of Modern Drummer.

• Rock Band Drum Transcriptions in Color are now available as free downloadable PDFs on the Media page.

• Thank you to the Arizona Republic/azcentral for publishing a short blurb about Drum Aerobics placing as a runner up in the 2011 Drummies.
• Drum Aerobics placed as a runner-up in the 2011 Drummies. Thank you to all who voted!

• Big rock show 7/15/11 at the Foundry near Alice Cooperstown in Downtown Phoenix. Danny Zelisko presents The Persuaders, Jed’s a Millionaire, and The Love Me Nots. Doors open at 7 pm. Tickets are $12.

• Here is my new article (published on Drummer Cafe) about aspects to an ideal teaching studio environment.

• Percussion Partners website published the following interview about Daily Drum Warm-Ups.

• Check out this video montage shot by one of my former students, Steve Parrish. It was filmed at a Jed’s a Millionaire concert in 2009 at Tempe Marketplace.

• Here is posting on the Percussion Partners website about Drum Aerobics.

• The Drum Aerobics Index for Wednesdays and Fridays: Solos and Fills and Sundays: Drumnastics is now available as free PDF’s. I’m finally finished with this index project!

• The Drum Aerobics Index for Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays: Grooves is now available as a free PDF.

• Thank you to Music Dispatch for this ad that appears in the latest issue of Drumhead Magazine.

• I’m offering some more free content to accompany Drum Aerobics. The first of 4 indexes, Mondays: Coordination/Ostinati, gives students and teachers a more specific view into the make-up of the book.

• Thank you to the Arizona Republic/azcentral.com for publishing this blurb about Drum Aerobics and the Drummies Awards.

• I’m happy to report that Drum Aerobics has made it onto a clickable list of choices for Drum! Magazine’s Drummies Awards. The Top Drum Book category can be found on pg. 6, category #15.

• I’ve been welcomed into the fold of Percussion Partners, a community of knowledgeable and dedicated drum dealers, select top quality percussion manufacturers and industry experts and professionals throughout the Southwest United States. Check out a blog that I wrote for the website.

• Check out this review of Daily Drum Warm-Ups from mikedolbear.com.

* My article about real Rock Band drumming was recently published on Drummer Cafe. A sister article was recently featured on the Destructoid blog.

• Check out the following review of Drum Aerobics from Bart Elliott of the Drummer Cafe website.

• Thank you to Howard Dukes for writing this article for the South Bend Tribune.

• Please vote for Drum Aerobics as a write-in candidate in the Educational Book Category for Modern Drummer’s annual Readers Poll. Voting runs from Jan. 1 to Feb. 15. 2011. One entry per household and you don’t need to be a drummer to vote!

•The Verde Independent (Kudos Section) published the following article on Dec. 20, 2010.

• The following review from Tom Morgan appears in the January issue of Percussive Notes Magazine.

• The following websites are great resources for drumscores (transcriptions/charts of entire tunes): www.drumscore.com, www.onlinedrummer.com, www.jkdrumsolutions.com, www.roelvanhelden.com, rdeneau.free.fr, www.drumnuts.com, the drum ninja, and www.robertferrell.com/charts.html.

• Another blurb from the Arizona Republic.

• In Tune Magazine included a description of Drum Aerobics in their Jan. 2011 issue.

• Check out the Media Page for two new video clips to supplement Drum Aerobics: Amanda’s Samba Duet with Dan Tomlinson and Alternate Energy Duet with Dan.

Daily Drum Warm-Ups is now on sale for $13.25 on Amazon.com.

• Free video content and charts related to Drum Aerobics is now available on the Media Page of this website.

Daily Drum Warm-Ups is now in print and available for pre-order.

• Scroll down to “Jazz Notes” on the Jazz in AZ webpage. On page 4 of the Nov./Dec. issue, you’ll notice a nice blurb about Drum Aerobics. Thank you to Jazz in AZ and Patricia Myers!

Drummer Cafe website is a great resource for the modern drummer/percussionist. In the past few years, I have had the pleasure of contributing articles and mingling with the best community drum forum in the business. Enjoy Bart Elliott’s coverage of International Drum Month!

• Drum Aerobics is featured on the cover of a holiday catalog from Music Dispatch!

• The Arizona Republic (azcentral.com) just published the following blurb.

• Reviews for Drum Aerobics are starting to “roll” in. Check out the latest by professional drummer Matthew Self!

• Drummer Cafe (Bart Elliott) has just published Hal Leonard’s official press release for Drum Aerobics.

Dan Tomlinson (longtime drummer for Lyle Lovett and Acoustic Alchemy) and I are filming drum performances at Treehouse Studio next week. We will be putting our professional take on the 25 drumless play-along tunes from Drum Aerobics. These clips will then be available for free here on the website and on the Drumscapes YouTube channel. Hopefully other drummers will add there own versions of Drumscapes tunes over time. Lisa Webb is the videographer. All songs were written by Dave Ihlenfeld and performed by Dave (keyboards), John Willis (bass) and Stan Sorenson (guitar).

• I’ve discovered a free slow-downer software program called Express Scribe and a free, general use recording/editing program called Audacity.  Neither of these are as “amazing” as the Amazing Slow-Downer, but both work great for slowing down music files without changing the pitch. Available for Mac or Windows.

Drum Aerobics, published by Hal Leonard, has now been released. The book is available for purchase on this website on the products page.

• I recently finished recording the audio examples for another Hal Leonard book called Daily Drum Warm-Ups at Winston Recording in Mesa, AZ. Tim Downs was the engineer and did an amazing job. The book should be available in late 2010 or early 2011.

• Jo Ramirez is almost done with the illustrations for a soon-to-be-released children’s book (that we are collaborating on) to be called Nobody Sounds Like You (soon to be available for purchase on this website).

• Cherry Lane Music Company has started the editing phase on two of my drum books, Drumcraft (BeginnerVersion) and Drumcraft (Intermediate Version). These books were born from my original self-published drum instruction method, Drumscapes (available for purchase through this website).

• Jed’s a Millionaire’s next performance is September 3 from 7-10 pm at Desert Ridge Marketplace.

• The Jerry Rulon Quartet has temporarily stopped appearing the 2nd Friday of each month at il Vinaio in mesmerizing Downtown Mesa. We may restart there in October.

• I am now available to teach Skype lessons. Contact me for more information.

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